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San Antonio. January 2, 2012 – Robinson Value Management announces the introduction of the Wealth of Nations® investment strategy and its corresponding composite. “

Today’s capital markets face the dual challenges of a slow growth environment and an economy increasingly managed by the government,” said Charles W. Robinson, III CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Robinson Value. “We believe that investors need a solution that provides them with both the capital appreciation of domestic stock ownership along with tools for actively managing exposure to systemic risk.”

Robinson Value Management’s investment strategies were developed with the goal of taking advantage of the post-crash, high debt economic environment. To this end, Robinson Value employs traditional, fundamental security analysis in combination with analysis of financial and capital market responses to government policy-making and execution. This approach takes into account both company-specific risks as well as systemic risk, specifically systemic risk influenced by government activities, when building and managing investment portfolios.

The Wealth of Nations® strategy maintains a 70/30 blend of our low volatility Contrarian Value Equity strategy and our award-winning Market Opportunity strategy.

About Robinson Value Management, Ltd.

Robinson Value Management, Ltd. is an independent investment management firm, not affiliated with any parent organization. Founded in 1997, Robinson Value Management is a registered investment adviser and serves both individual and institutional clients. The name was changed to Robinson Value Management, Ltd. from Robinson & Wilkes, Ltd. on December 31, 2008.

Robinson Value Management, Ltd. claims compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). A copy of the verification report is available upon request. To receive a complete list and description of Robinson Value Management Composites and/or a presentation that  adheres to the GIPS standards, please call (210) 490-2545, email, visit, or write to  Robinson Value Management, Ltd., 342 West Woodlawn Avenue, #201, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

GIPS® is a registered trademark owned by the CFA Institute.