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Investment Approach

Investment Goals
  • We seek to maximize the good that wealth can create in our client’s lives and the greater community.
  • We prioritize risk management in the construction of investment portfolios. Our objective is to serve our clients by preserving their purchasing power with above-market returns and significantly below-market risk over the long term.
  • We seek to be fiercely independent in our thinking, to rise above the din of market fads by adhering to our disciplines. When investment decisions are based on the latest fads and fears, rather than on sound long-term thinking, the result typically involves lower returns with even greater risk.

Investment Philosophy

While equities will always be risky, they remain the best source of wealth creation over time.

However, not all equities are created equal. A lower risk-profile “aggressively defensive” stock can deliver better risk-adjusted returns and allow the portfolio to hold a greater percentage in the equity class. In a balanced portfolio, reducing bonds and increasing the share allocated to stocks improves the expected return of the entire portfolio.

Diversification and asset allocation are only the first steps in mitigating risk.

At Robinson Value Management, we go beyond the well-worn paths of diversification and asset allocation. We carefully examine individual investments, looking at a company’s market position, credit quality, valuation multiples, consensus, insider activity, price movement and other factors to better understand the underlying business and the immediate challenges faced by the company and its investors.

Today’s slow growth economy requires a new point of reference with which to chart a solid path.

While fundamental analysis is the first step in any investment journey; macro-economic and behavioral factors in today’s environment can overwhelm fundamentals-only based equity investing in the short-run. Emotions and shifts in expectations can drive large price movements that seem to depart from common sense and company fundamentals.

"The approach is not accurately described as conservative, but aggressively defensive."

John Leavy

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