Robinson Value Management is an SEC registered investment advisory firm that manages equity, fixed income, and balanced portfolios for individuals and institutions. Our investment objective is to provide above-market returns with below-market risk over the long term.

As the size of government has expanded in proportion to the overall economy, its normal activities have a greater impact on financial and capital markets, causing systemic risk to alternate between "headwinds" and "wind in your sails" markets. We believe the effects of government policy-making and execution can create observable, predictive, and profitable patterns in stock markets that investors can use to their advantage.

Robinson Value Management's investment strategies were developed with the goal of taking advantage of this macroeconomic environment. We employ traditional, fundamental security analysis in combination with our analysis of financial and capital market responses to government policy-making and execution. So, we consider both company-specific risk and government's influence on systemic risk at the macroeconomic level for building and managing a basket of holdings.

Three additional elements set us apart from other investment managers:

  1. Our approach has succeeded over decades by focusing as much on risk reduction as on return enhancement.
  2. We never abandon our approach, but embrace it more deeply when it is under pressure.
  3. Our process is structured to minimize the pitfalls of momentum, typically caused through excessive concentrations in today’s most recent winners.
Robinson Value Management Ranked in Top Performing Managers of Long-Short Equity for 1-Year and 5-Year Periods by Pensions & Investments
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